Polycolor Polytop White 1L


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The POLYTOP is a high quality matt acrylic paint, recommended for exterior usage. It is highly effective against UV rays in hot/dry and sunny regions. This product is also resistant against fungus growth in humid areas. The paint is labelled ‘Made in Moris’ and is MS3 certified.

Is there a payment limit?
Yes, like for any payment with my.t money, you have a daily limit of Rs 5000.

Can I select and buy several goods/products from a shop?
Yes, you can select and buy one or more goods/products from only one shop at a time. Once a purchase is completed, you may buy goods/products from another shop.

Can I buy products from different shops at a time?
Unfortunately, you can buy from only one shop at a time. Once you complete your purchase from one shop, you can come back to buy from a different shop.

Can I cancel an order after check out?
Unfortunately, you cannot cancel an order once payment is made. 

Do I get a receipt after a purchase?
It’s a contactless payment, hence no receipt. You will receive 3 confirmations of purchase:
1 SMS notification from my.t money, 1 SMS notification from my.t market with your Order Number as well as an email.

What is the delivery time?
Our partners will do their best to deliver your goods/products within 2 working days after confirmation of purchase. However, please be indulgent in these exceptional times and contact us if you need more information on your delivery.

Is there any delivery fee?
A delivery fees of Rs. 250 (VAT included) will be charged wherever applicable.

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    • Baie du Tombeau, Riche Terre
    • 93 Royal Street, Port Louis
    • 292 A Royal Road, Forest Side
    • Royal Road, Saint Paul
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Monday – Friday | 08:30 – 16:00

Saturday | 08:30 – 12:00

Who should I contact for complaints?
For any complaint, kindly get in touch with our team who will be pleased to assist you.
You can call us on 8908 or send us an e-mail on


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