Espace Coiffure Voucher Rs 500


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Rs 500

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Is there a payment limit?
Yes, like for any payment with my.t money, you have a daily limit of Rs 5000.

Can I select and buy several vouchers from a shop?
Yes, you can select and buy one or more vouchers from only one shop at a time. Once a purchase is completed, you may buy vouchers from another shop.

Can I buy vouchers from different shops at a time?
Unfortunately, you can buy from only one shop at a time. Once you complete your purchase from one shop, you can come back to buy from a different shop.

Can I cancel an order after check out?
Unfortunately, you cannot cancel an order once payment is made. 

Do I get a receipt after a purchase?
It’s a contactless payment, hence no receipt. You will receive 3 confirmations of purchase:
1 SMS notification from my.t money, 1 SMS notification from my.t market with your Order Number as well as an email.

What is the e-delivery time?
Our partner will contact you to confirm some required information and send you the voucher by e-mail within 2 working days after confirmation of purchase. However, please be indulgent in these exceptional times and contact us if you need more information on your e-delivery.

Is there any e-delivery fee?
There is no fee applicable on e-delivery of vouchers.

Who should I contact for complaints?
For any complaint, kindly get in touch with our team who will be pleased to assist you.
You can call us on 8908 or send us an e-mail on

  1. The customer must present his/her NID to redeem the voucher.
  2. The voucher can be redeemed at all outlets of merchants.
  3. Only the owner of the voucher can redeem same.
  4. The validity of the voucher is 1 year.


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