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1.  Select your product

a) Choose your product(s)

b) Click on ‘Add to Cart’

You may add more than one product to your cart from the same shop.

Check out

a) Click on ‘Checkout’

b) Fill in your personal details (+18 yrs)

or Log in if already a registered user

c) Choose your mode of payment

d) Read & accept the Terms & Conditions

e) Click on ‘Place Order’

3. Make your payment

For my.t money users, a QR code will appear on your desktop screen.

a) Open my.t money app on your smartphone.

b) Press QuickPay and scan the QR code shown on screen.

c) The payable amount will automatically be displayed on your phone.

c) Enter your my.t money PIN code to complete your payment.

Receive confirmation

a) You will receive an Order Number which will be the Reference Number of your order.

b) Delivery will be ensured by the shop or its corresponding delivery service.

If you are placing your order from your mobile phone

a) the my.t money app will automatically open upon Checkout.

b) The payable amount will be displayed on your phone.

c) Enter your my.t money PIN code to complete your payment.

Shopping Guidelines

Good to know

Buy from one merchant at a time

You can select and buy products from ONLY one shop at a time.

Once a purchase is completed, you may buy products from another shop.

Payment limit

When using my.t money, your maximum daily expenditure is Rs 5000.

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